Feel Fantastic Every Class!
MAKE BIG CHANGES In Your Hot Yoga Practice

Feel Fantastic Every Class!
Hot Yoga Practice

Hot Yoga can change your life. But what's the catch?

You may be UNKNOWINGLY risking injury!

Hot Yoga can change your life. But what's the catch?

You may be UNKNOWINGLY risking injury!

“Gabrielle Raiz - The Hot Yoga Doctor.”

Are You Missing Out On Hot Yoga's Amazing Benefits?

Did you choose hot yoga for one or more of the following reasons?

  • To improve your general fitness;
  • To lose weight;
  • To deal with stress;
  • To become strong and flexible; and
  • To feel vital and full of energy all day long! (Who wants to say goodbye to those mid-afternoon slumps?)
  • To enjoy that amazing feeling AFTER class, where life simply feels richer, more full of joy - and your body is buzzing with vibrant energy.
  • Or maybe you wanted to find a deeper focus, a stronger emotional balance and a fulfilling and lasting happiness. 

Do You Know About
Hot Yoga's 
Hidden Flaw?

Yes it's true - it's not all roses!


Well ... I'm here to tell you that you may NOT be getting the precision instruction that you deserve ... because many hot yoga classes are taught to a "script"!

Look ... this "teach to a script" method has been great for helping popularize yoga classes, and while many classes seem great, simply following a scripted or recited class makes it much more difficult to dramatically improve your practice and take your benefits to the next level.

Here's the thing ...

The finessing, the nuances, the subtleties, the knowledge of yoga anatomy and the capability to teach to a very high standard do NOT come from using a script to teach yoga.

And it is HARD to find precise information and detailed advice – there is precious little available.

But I hear you say, my classes feel great? Doesn't that mean I am improving anyway?

Not necessarily!

Yoga is a "practice".

And there is a BIG difference between a great (and safe) practice ... and a bad one where poor habits could well be MULTIPLYING RISKS.

I've witnessed students making classic mistakes time and time again (and some teachers who are unable to offer a correction* because they have never been taught how to correct them).

Even worse, you could happily be following your teacher's script, thinking your movements and pose positions are correct, when in fact, there are times when you could be at risk of injury!

*I really DO want to acknowledge that there are amazing hot yoga teachers that ARE doing a wonderful job – making the "script" their own, changing people's lives - and helping raise the bar. 


Hot Yoga is often taught with a recited "script" with no personalization

Hot Yoga is no riskier than unheated classes - if you practice correctly.


What are you doing to make sure each class is better than the last?

Don't Unknowingly Put
At Risk Of Injury!

It really worries me when people say: "Go back until it hurts", "It's supposed to hurt like hell", "Kill yourself".

It  should worry you too! ... But only if you are interested in dramatically improving the benefits you get from your own practice.

Any yoga (not just hot yoga) needs much more than a rote-learned, motivational "script" to be safe and effective.

Because if you are serious about getting the most out of your practice, you'll want to learn exactly how to apply accurate techniques to make changes ... but where IS that information?

Here's the thing: Back in 1999 when I first started practicing, I was HOOKED!

But when I tried to find more information the poses, better techniques, and why I couldn't seem to "do" certain postures, I came up stumped. There were no "expert techniques" and no one offering corrections for different bodies.

Even after attending teaching training in Los Angeles in 2001 with 264 other sweaty trainees, I was no better off. The "training" mostly focused on how to recite a scripted class accurately - not how to understand how your body works, or how to direct and instruct a safe practice.

As a dentist with years of medical study, this wasn't what I expected, or what I needed.

So I returned home and worked out my own methods, which meant at least our students received better attention - and loved it!

Where Will You Learn
The Best Techniques?

Not long after that – and now over 12 years ago – I asked visitors at our website already popular for its huge amount of free information what they were really looking for.

I was completely shocked at the response!

They were looking for exactly what I was looking for back in 1999 – a definitive instructional guide with precision step-by-step techniques and instructions for how THEY could dramatically improve.

What more motivation did I need? ;)

Now You Can Take Advantage Of ​
ALL My Hard Work!

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™
a 304-page Manual, DVD Video Class

And 2 x Audio CD + MP3 Package


What I thought would initially be a step-by-step guide, evolved over 18 months of pouring my heart, soul and sweat into what is now "The Hot Yoga MasterClass™", a 304-page Manual, DVD Video Class and Audio CD x 2 + MP3 package, and Bonus QuickStart Guide.

Hot Yoga MasterClass Paperback Package

So now, if:

  • You want to transform your own practice
  • You want to learn in a few weeks what it took me years to discover
  • You want to breakthrough "plateaus" in your poses
  • You want to uncover EXACTLY what needs to improve in your pose alignment
  • You want to reduce the risk of injury
  • You want to accommodate existing injuries – and still practice safely
  • You want to safely and effectively modify a pose to suit YOUR body type
  • You want to learn which parts of a pose to focus on ... and why
  • You want to learn how to focus, remove distractions and gain a deeper satisfaction from your class
  • You want to know how to advance in your own practice and "where to go next" – even if your teacher isn't aware or sufficiently experienced
  • You want to know how to continue practicing even if you encounter overly dogmatic - or worse – aggressive teachers (yes, can you believe it? They DO exist!)
  • You want to set up a home practice – including how to set up and heat your room
  • You want to make this amazing yoga be the life-changing practice it can be (and if you already think it's life changing ... well I agree with you! Imagine how much MORE of a difference you can make when you "discover what you didn't know"!)

You'll LOVE
The Hot Yoga MasterClass™!

Here are just a FEW of the hundreds of things you'll learn ...

  1. Always falling out of Standing Head To Knee? Want to feel powerful in this challenging pose? Learn the "75%" rule that will transform your "struggle" into solid, focused benefits, each and every class.
  2. Want to feel STRONG and INVINCIBLE? Discover the critical correction that you can make to transform Triangle pose from having you feel like you are falling over, to a pose that embodies the "internal warrior" it is named after.
  3. How do you develop "strength AND flexibility" in Standing Bow? Always falling forward? Learn the intricacies of this pose - including where your extended arm should be placed and how it has a profound effect on the depth of your backbend. Hint: It is not where you think.
  4. Find out the simple change in the way you think about Eagle pose that will get you rock solid alignment every time, regardless of whether you have a good 'wrap' .
  5. Are your hamstrings fighting with your spine in Hands To Feet and Standing Separate Leg Intense Stretch? You could actually be doing yourself and your back HARM in these poses ... when you should be blissfully stretching! Learn how to engage reciprocal inhibition and turn this around for your benefit.
  6. And continuing in that same theme - learn how to work out YOUR key foot distance in Standing Separate Leg Intense Stretch that minimizes any risk of back injury ... without inadvertently reversing your benefits.
  7. Improve your balance and poise! If you've ever felt completely "clumsy" when trying to get into Toe Stand ... then you need the 3 different ways to get into the final position, depending on your body geometry.
  8. Aching back? Not sure how to protect it and still do yoga? Discover how to transform the entry to specific poses if you ever have an acute backache, that will still allow you to get the benefits and participate in class, while helping heal your back.
  9. Learn the 1 shoulder adjustment that will dramatically shift your floor Savasana to create the cleansing, calming, healing space it should be.
  10. Do those sit-ups feel confusing? Not sure what to do for best results? Did you know that the sit-up can either be dangerous OR improve your core strength simply based on exactly HOW you do it? Transform your sit-up into a back-strength and core-strength exercise.
  11. Keep yourself safe! Discover 2 alternatives to a sit-up when you are too tired, your back is too sore, too weak or your body is injured.
  12. Finding it hard to breathe in this intense compression? Learn how to just about guarantee excellent alignment (and results!) in Separate Leg Head to Knee by preserving the technique but changing your approach.
  13. Create a better, stronger, more focused hot yoga practice! Banish the unnecessary movements in your class that have somehow slipped into most people's practices over the years - and feel the huge difference in your practice as a result.
  14. Learn DOZENS of modifications (that are NOT in "the script"!), with photos, for common complaints; injuries and medical conditions, so you can use your yoga to help your body ... and avoid causing any additional problems.
  15. And many, many more, pose-specific techniques that will help you feel "even more fantastic" ... each and every class!


Comprehensive Manual: Covers practice instructions for all 26 poses from the classic series, including modifications for all body types.


Mistakes and Injuries: Have an injury, or not sure if you are making one of many common mistakes? How to fix almost all common errors, including photos.


A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: We took literally thousands of photos from every angle, to guarantee the clearest, at-a-glance instructions.

The Hot Yoga MasterClass Full Color Paperback

Don’t Take My Word For It!

"Gabrielle Raiz teaches yoga with the detail and insight you really need to transform yourself and your practice.

Using this beautiful book, you will be able to overcome physical and mental limitations you thought were permanent, and move to a new level of practice that is difficult to achieve just through attending class or practising alone.

 I use tips and adjustments that Gabrielle taught me every day of my life, and her book is an inspiration, thank you."

Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams

Actor; The Sixth Sense, Dollhouse, The Ghost Writer, Hanna, Manhattan, Victoria and Abdul

"The Hot Yoga MasterClass has completely transformed my Yoga practice.  It has helped turn my practice into a much deeper and rewarding experience.  

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for two years and I felt that I had reached a plateau and I was really struggling to find the motivation to return to class.  

Yoga is important to me both mentally and physically and I was at a point where I really needed breakthrough to justify the time and energy that I was putting into it.  It was the Hot Yoga MasterClass that reinvigorated my practice and helped me improve in 3 areas.

1.  Breathing, I was breathing completely wrong and felt like there was no oxygen in the room.

2.  Alignment, my shoulders were wrong in many positions and I found that I had general alignment issues that were working against me. 

3.  Pose by pose technique – The yoga teachers are very good at what they do, but they cannot notice every subtle detail of every individual in the class when there are 20 or more students.  The MasterClass breaks down each asana in great detail and gives you a fundamentally sound foundation on which you can build on for each pose.

I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to take their practice to the next level."

Tony from Utah

So What Exactly IS
The Hot Yoga MasterClass™?

Imagine a high-quality, US-Letter-sized manual (I'll tell you exactly what is in the Video and Audio Classes a little later) filled with 744 large, high quality photos and plain-English explanations for every step – INCLUDING common mistakes and how to fix them – and you're starting to get a sense of what I've put together for you.

The Hot Yoga MasterClass Full Color Paperback

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™
A premium-quality, 304-page hot yoga reference manual

Here's what's in it:

  • The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ contains 304-pages of the most detailed and precise yoga instructions you'll ever need.
  • It begins with a 54 page "beyond the poses" section, which covers "everything you need to know" (and this is not just for beginners – I've had advanced students look at the material and uncover a ton of new things to try!)
  • This section also includes a full chapter on the most common injuries and conditions - and the general modifications required. Where this is specific to only one or two poses, it is cross-referenced  and shown in detail in the specific pose chapter.
  • Then, chapter-by-chapter I take apart each and every pose, using the following format: 
  • The Essentials 
  • What Makes This Pose So Difficult To Get Right?
  • The Technique
  • Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them 

I'll expand on these various sections in a moment ... but first I need to tell you about the most amazing thing ... the photos and why they will really make the difference.

Every Precise Detail
Is Meticulously Demonstrated
With Full Color
Hi-Definition Photography

There are over 740 professionally photographed pictures in the manual (744 to be exact). I spent literally weeks and weeks sifting through the MANY THOUSANDS of shots we took over many days, to find EVERY ANGLE that would make the difference in showing you the exact technique.

I've included ALL the subtleties and nuances I've learned and taught over the years (believe me, some of these are not so easy to photograph!). We had to use a trick set-up with 3-cameras and a fourth roving camera to catch every aspect of every pose as we photographed our models (real students just like you and I) demonstrating them.

Tricky yoga camera setup

We used cameras from every angle! This is a peek behind the scenes.

ALL "technique" shots are LARGE PHOTOS - this makes it very easy to see the incredible detail.

The technique photos are deliberately larger to make it very easy to stand up, try them out and see them from a distance.

The "models" are regular yoga students, just like you and I. Normal bodies. Some flexible, others less so. (Of course I think they do look gorgeous in their outfits too ...).

Mistakes discussed are also shown photographically. Sometimes we had to stop because we were laughing so much trying to do something "deliberately wrong" – but the result was worth the effort.

You'll see EXACTLY what not to do – but more importantly you'll also see HOW TO CORRECT IT.

Each pose chapter is "color-coded" – so it is easy to reference quickly. Even the clothing is color-coded for consistency.

The manual is designed to be a lasting practical tool which will still look great on your coffee table in years to come.

Each Pose Chapter Is Divided Into Easy To Follow Sections

So let me explain the sections in more detail – one of which I think is the absolute key.

"The Essentials"

An overview of the main elements of the posture, The "Essentials" helps you get clearly focused on the main pose objectives.

"What Makes This Pose
 So Difficult
To Get Right?

Funnily enough, it isn't always the obvious challenge in certain poses that makes them tricky to get "just right ". I've singled out what I've found to be the real key (or keys in many cases) to making the pose work effectively, no matter what depth you practice to.

"The Technique"

This is where the rubber meets the road – this section literally takes you step-by-step through the pose:

  • How To Set Up 
  • How To Get Into The Pose
  • What You Should Be Experiencing
  • How To Get Out Of The Pose
  • ... and more!
  • Hot Yoga Masterclass Technique Pages

    I also show you the best breathing rhythm for the pose and various other tips and techniques to guide you through the posture.

    Each and every step is accompanied by photographs demonstrating that exact step.

    It is also color-coded so the steps stand-out on the page - this makes it super-easy to follow each step as you are practicing the pose.

    Where there are variations between "sets", or there is a "deeper version" these are included here. 


    Gabrielle's Master Class book and DVD's have become an essential part of my practice.

    While I practice in a studio, I have learned more about technique from Gabrielle than I have in class, and in a much shorter time!   The studio instructors are great but aren't always able to refine individual techniques.  This I have learned from Gabrielle.  

    Her work is a perfect accompaniment to any practice!  It is precise, it is detailed, it is expertly explained. 

    There is more information here for every aspect of hot yoga than a dozen or more resources combined.  If someone is serious about their practice and/or really just wants to get what they're "supposed' to get from hot yoga, you can't pass up this resource!!!

    What Gabrielle has provided is absolutely INVALUABLE.  Thank you, Namaste.


    To My Knowledge, The Information In This Section Of The Manual Is Not Available Anywhere Else:

    "Common Mistakes
     And How To Fix Them

    I believe this is totally unique! I have never seen a yoga book – let alone a hot yoga manual – where so much detailed effort has been put into showing photos of REAL PEOPLE doing the poses WRONG ... along with text and photos of HOW TO FIX THEM.

    I have put every ounce of my years of discovery into this section – every pose chapter includes this, including Savasana –  so if there's a common mistake you've come across and have been wondering how to fix it, you'll most likely find it in this section!

    Where possible, I've placed the mistake and the "correct alignment" together, with a checkmark (tick) on the correct pose so it's easy to find.

    ALL mistake photos are bordered so they are clearly differentiated from the much larger "technique" photos. You'll always be clear which is which!

    Also in the "common mistakes" section are some "gray areas". Not everyone's body can do every pose in the way it is intended, so there ARE exceptions where a modification can "look" like a mistake, when it isn't. Where this is the case, I spell out acceptable modifications, along with photos labeled with an asterisk (*).

    Common Hot Yoga and Bikram Mistakes

    There is a unique and very comprehensive section for every pose,
    called "Common mistakes and how to fix them"

    "​Bikram yoga needs to be practiced correctly in order to achieve the benefits and success in the poses. I found this out the hard way. My lower back was in so much pain after my first 2 [public studio] classes that I had to make weekly visits to an Osteotherapist. Rather than give up yoga ('cause isn't is supposed to be good for your back?) I googled and came up with your website, ordered the book and video and 'voila' – the pain has disappeared.

    The book now sits proudly on my coffee table and is frequently read by family and friends. Very informative. Congratulations and thank you!"


    Large, Easy To Read Format

    The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ is a deliberately large paperback.

    This is so you can extract maximum detail from each high-definition picture. We used a three camera setup during the photo-shoots so that side, front and overhead photos could be taken while the student was in the pose. We also used a roving camera for super-duper detailed close-ups and funky angles.

    I designed the manual in a large US-letter-sized paperback format so you can gain maximum benefit from all these amazing photos!

    Hot Yoga MasterClass layout

    The Hot Yoga MasterClass™
    DVD Video Instruction

    Yes ... it's true, you can't learn everything from a book!

    Sometimes, to obtain the maximum benefits, you need to hear the instructions AND see the image at the same time.

    So I've made a very unique Video Class to help you really FOCUS.

    Hot Yoga Masterclass DVD Vol One

    What Makes This
    DVD & Video Unique?

    Because it uses the live soundtrack from my classes! You'll hear me instructing the very details explained in the manual – and you'll also hear this in a live environment with real students (I even mention them by name during the class!).

    (Click "Play" below to watch snippets from the 90-minute Video Training)

    Quite uniquely, I have gone a few steps further and put crystal-clear detailed and precise photographic demonstrations at each exact point on the DVD where the audio track mentions them (watch the snippet above and you'll see what I mean).

    DVD Benefits

    • You can play the DVD as a stand-alone class. Or you can use it as a reference that you will come back to time and time again.
    • Bullet point text appears at key moments to reinforce your quick understanding.
    • "Right" and "wrong" pose alignments are shown with green checks (ticks) and red crosses – no mistaking which is which.
    • The background is pure white. No unnecessary distractions.
    • I also had this DVD made so you can navigate directly to ANY POSE you wish to see specifically! (Just like a "scene selection" in a movie.)
    • Even more exciting is that the DVD contains class variations!

    Running out of time? Wish you had a 60-min class? Simply use the DVD menu, select your class variation, press "play" ... and you're good to go!

    Here's EXACTLY What's In DVD Volume One:

    DVD Volume One
    • A 35-minute class
    • A 60-minute class
    • A 75-minute class
    • A 90-minute class
    • An all standing poses "class" (double set)
    • An all floor poses "class" (double set)
    • Pose-by-pose menu selection

    Total "running time" (all class variations): 5 hrs 50mins

    The DVD is REGION FREE, professionally pressed & printed (not burned) and will play on any DVD Player or Computer and on both NTSC and PAL systems.

    Instant Download

    When you order the Hot Yoga MasterClass Package, you’ll ALSO receive an instant Video File Download of DVD Volume One, so you can ‘get your learning on’ ... immediately!

    Dvd Download

    • As a newbie, learning something the right way, first up, is the best way to learn a skill. Guaranteed. But you couldn’t possibly learn it all on one day, as with any skill it takes time. So, you’ll use your recording as a pose tutorial help to learn, in detail one or two poses at a time. If you’re practising at home, set up your video recording so you can hear the instruction, and in a place where you can see the  screen when you need to. But focus more on integrating the 1 or 2 poses you learned that day. Your stepwise progress is the BEST WAY to learn fast. Pretty soon you’ll know all the poses in detail. And by the time your book arrives you’ll be thirsty for the added techniques you can layer on top.
    • As an experienced yogi, you’ll use it to learn better technique and refine your poses one or two at a time and take your new awareness with you into your next class (at home or at a studio). Hit the ground running and start today! When you receive your book you’ll have everything you need to create the practice that will feed your soul. The detail is where the magic lies. It’s how you create the focus, the discipline and be learn how to be truly present.

    The Hot Yoga MasterClass™
    90-Minute Audio Class
    On 2 x CDs

    I also think that at some point, you want to focus on just yourself and not watch poses on a screen!

    So you also have a full 90-minute Class on 2 x CDs - a different "mood" class to the DVD, but with the same poses; same sequence of course!

    • CD1: Standing Series
    • CD2: Floor Series

    This is a challenging and compassionate class with just the right amount of technical detail.

    This class was recorded live at one of our Teacher Training programs in Costa Rica.

    It has the energy of an interactive class with plenty of corrections yet deliberately uses no students' names.

    This makes it absolutely perfect for developing a focused non-distractible practice!

    Recorded in superb-quality, sparkling clear audio.

    Click the player below to listen to a short sample (Second set of Back Bend and into Pada Hastasana):

    Hot Yoga Audio CD set

    Brand New 90-minute Class!

    "​​A GREAT compliment for you: I went to Bikram yoga studio in Buenos Aires and they asked me in which studio I learnt to do the poses so well.

    I told them that I study at home with your MasterClass. I am very proud and think you should be proud as well!

    It is not that I am so advanced, but they were saying I paid so much attention to my alignment."


    Where Do I Get My Copy And How Much Is It?

    My aim is to keep The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ down to about the price of a typical monthly pass or around 6 classes (class prices vary enormously by the way!).

    This Is Valuable,

    You can do the sums for yourself: You could go to class 5 times per week for up to a year. In that time, you would literally spend well over $1,000 on monthly passes but STILL not make the kind of IMMEDIATE improvements that other owners of The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ are raving about.​


    Your Iron-Clad Guarantee

    I am so certain that you will love this package that I'm giving you my 100% satisfaction guarantee*!

    I guarantee that if The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Manual does NOT improve your practice way more than 15 classes ever could, then I'll give you a 100% refund! (You have a full 60-days under my Guarantee*. Does not include shipping.)

    For A Limited Time Only

    I know from the feedback already given to me by many happy students that it is the COMBINATION of the Manual, Video Instruction, and Audio that ACCELERATES your breakthroughs - and your enjoyment of all the wonderful benefits.

    So I'm going to go out on a limb and make you a special offer that will save you over $66.00 AND with free shipping ... if you order today, I'll also include an extra 90-minute Class on MP3!

    Package item

    Usual price

    • The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ 304-page Full Color Paperback
    • The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ DVD Volume One
    • DVD Volume One 90-min Video Download
    • 2 x CDs Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Audio Series III
    • Bonus 90-Minute Class on MP3!
    • QuickStart Guide - How to get breakthroughs ASAP










    • The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ 304-page Full Color Paperback (normally $79.95)
    • The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ DVD Volume One (normally $39.00)
    • DVD Volume One 90-min Video Download (FREE!)
    • 2 x CDs Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Audio Series III (normally $32.99)
    • 3 x Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Pose Tutorials (normally $74.99)
    • Bonus 90-Minute Class on MP3! (normally $14.99
    • QuickStart Guide - How to get breakthroughs ASAP (FREE!)

    Total $166.93 $99.95

    Hot Yoga MasterClass Paperback Package

    Yes Please! I'd Like The
    304-Page Hot Yoga MasterClass™
    Full Color Manual, And
    The DVD,  2 x CDs,
    And 90-min MP3 FREE
    For Just $166.93!


    (Save $66.98)

    For a limited time only - every copy of the Color Paperback Package purchased from our site also comes with a BONUS 90-Minute MP3 (Valued at $14.99).

    Perfect for traveling; put it on your iPod, iPhone, "Tablet of choice"... and this is the same 90-Minute Class as the DVD: Practice to the audio; learn from the DVD!

    MP3 bonus


    (*Be quick. Free Worldwide Shipping limited time. Only while stocks last.)

    "Well … I feel the same as everyone else about the HYMC complete set. I love it all.

    It has helped me in so many ways to "fine tune" postures in my Bikram classes, my breathing and concentration and I too go through page by page for each posture and watch the corresponding DVD so that when I go to my next class I can practice what I have just learned.

    It too makes me excited for my next class. I highly recommend this set to anyone. You won't be disappointed. :)"


    "I was introduced to Bikram yoga during college back in 1980 when he released his orange book (no longer published, I believe)."

    The instruction in this book excelled my practice beyond my expectations. The breakdown and explanation of poses far surpasses Bikram's books.

    This book has made my practice 100% better, more enjoyable and much more beneficial. I have corrected a number of things I was doing wrong! It is worth every penny!"



    I just received my Master Class order. I wanted to tell you that I am more than impressed!! I have been teaching Bikram yoga for 5 years. The Master Class will be a great resource.

    I do value the Bikram training, I learned a lot about myself, but I have learned to teach from teaching.

    The strict dialogue used in most classes doesn’t touch on all of the important information that you have included in your book. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Master Class. The book is beautiful as well as informative. I’m also excited to take the classes on the DVDs, I am in the process of building my home studio.

    Thank you!!



    "A problem that I could not seem to fix for 7 months (even with private lessons) was resolved when I read page 45."


    Will The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Really Help Me?

    I believe wholeheartedly that thousands of students are missing out on massive benefits, simply because they lack access to practical, precise resources.

    When you use the Hot Yoga MasterClass™ you'll be free from wondering class after class if you "got something right".

    No more trying to get hold of a busy teacher to discuss "something that doesn't feel quite right" or a pose you "just don't get".

    And no need to spend tons of money on private lessons (typically anywhere from $100 to $225 per lesson) - because ALL you need is in The Hot Yoga MasterClass™. By my calculations, you'd actually save money - less classes needed to "learn" - more classes getting the REAL benefits you are going for!

    I am excited to help you discover a far more satisfying hot yoga practice - but more importantly, to help you make the changes you really want in your life.

    What are you waiting for? Join me now!


    Gabrielle Raiz

    Start Your No Risk Breakthroughs Today!

    PS. Remember you have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I guarantee that if The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Manual does NOT improve your practice way more than 15 classes ever could, then I'll give you a 100% refund! (You have a full 60-days under my Guarantee*. Does not include shipping.)

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